(Made by Conny Dambach, thank you Conny)

a picture of myself with some float pens

My name is Ber te Mebel. I am born in 1945 in The Netherlands and I live there with my wife Engelien. All my life I have been interested in all kind of pens. But my first 7 float pens I bought in December 2000. From this moment on I became more and more interested in these pens. I ask family and friends to buy float pens for me on holidays, a visit to a museum or a zoo, etc. The collection is growing.

If you have float pens and you don't collect them yourself, or if you know shops in The Netherlands where float pens are sold, please, please, email me. I collect pens from all over the world and all items.

If you are a collector yourself, see my list of duplicates. Maybe we can trade some pens.

I very much like to have contact with other collectors/traders of float pens. So please, don't hesitate to email me in English, German or Dutch, on one of my email addresses as mentioned below:



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