This is a list of my duplicate float pens I want to trade.

Unless noticed otherwise, I trade one Eskesen float pen for one Eskesen float pen and each of us paying his own forwarding-charges. Pens not made by Eskesen, I trade 2 of these for 1 Eskesen.

If not mentioned otherwise, all pens are made by Eskesen of Denmark.

A           = Classic Twist Pen Big

AA        = Classic Twist Pen Small

B           = Twist and Click Pen

C           = Click-Top Pen

*            = Caption

Bubble = Pen has a bubble

I know most collectors are only willing to trade pens for other ones. But I'm also willing to buy Eskesen Floatpens. So if you are willing to sell pens, please let me know.


*St. Johann Tirol-Austria. Float: train. Foreground: flower. Background: buildings. E.



*Paris. Float: touristboat. Background: various buildinbgs in Paris: Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, l'Opera, Moulin Rouge. Made by Vepla.



*Barbara Ankoné + names of 11 other Dutch Collectors. DUTCH COLLECTORS PEN 2003. Float: Eskie pulling a sledge with floatpens on it. Background: trees and windmill in snowcovered landscape. A.




*Laat je niet uitkleden.Scarlet. 0800-1650 scarlet. Float: costume. Foreground: red. Background:man in underwear. A.

(aa.buo scarlet)


Kabelbaan Valkenburg. FLoat: cablecar. Foreground: trees. Background: tower + mountain. A


*Martinitoren Groningen (Keyring). Float: flag. Foreground: people sitting on a tarras. background: Martinitower. A.




*None. Float: dress. Background: woman with long blond hair and boots. Conseal/reveal.


*None. Float: swimsuit. Backgroun: man seing from the front + man seing from the back. Conseal/reveal.

 (pennen 004A)

(pennen 004B)


*None. Float: swimsuit. Background: man with dark hair. Conseal/reveal



*I love cows. Float: cow. Foreground: 2 cows. Background: cows in a pasture, farms. A.




 **Nissan. Float: car. Background: blue + stars. B. SMALL BUBBLE.


*None (Sisi). Float: car with "Sisi" on it. Background: clear. A.


* Float: man delivering a package on a handtruck. Background: truck with text 'Webvan' on it, picture of man, woman, boy and girl, text 'You may never go to the grocerystore again'. B.




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