Except of collection float pens and advertising pens, I have some other interest. such as books, collecting Caddy Coins, the history of Zutphen and photography.




I'm very much interested in the history of the town I'm living: Zutphen. I have a number of books about Zutphen and postcards. I'm specially interested in photographs and articles about activities and people in the years 1950 - 1970.





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I like to take pictures. Like most parents I took lots of pictures from our children when they were young. When they became older I had to look for other subjects. There were various object through the years. Now I combine my interest in Zutphen with photography. I have postcards of how the town was looking for years and I take pictures of the same place now.

Here are a few pictures I took from Dutch cities.


Zutphen, IJsselkade, October 3, 2000


Zutphen, Vispoorthaven, October 13, 2000


Dalen, februari 2001


Oudewater, May 2001


Woudrichem, fisherman, August 16, 2000


Egmond aan Zee, lighthouse, July 2002


Volendam, July 2002




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