There are more collectors/traders of float pens who have home pages. Here are a few I met on the internet.

Conny Dambach, Germany. She really has a very nice homepage you absolutely have to see:

Conny Dambach

Miranda Wittebol, The Netherlands. She has a collection of thousands and thousands of float pens:

Miranda Wittebol

Diana Andra, United States of America. Diana has a lot of duplicate float pens she is willing to trade or to sell. She also is the publisher of the internet Newsletter "Float About":

Float About  

Petra van Osch, The Netherlands. She has a nice collection and she is specially looking for a floaty of her hometown. She also collects postcards of it. See her site:

Petra van Osch

Lida Leenen, also is a collector/trader in The Netherlands. She is collecting float pens for serveral years now and she has duplicates. You can see her homepage on:

Lida Leenen

Caroline Gonsales is a collector/trader of floatpens in Belgium. She is willing to trade duplicates. You can visit her homepage on:

Caroline Gonsales

Paul Goedheer lives in the same city as I in The Netherlands. He likes to buy floaties from the cities he visites on Holidays, but he also collects other floaties. He doesn't' have many pens yet, but he does have pens to trade, so mail him on:

Paul Goedheer

Finn Sorenson is a Danish collector. He collects floatpens as well as various kinds of advertsingpens. He is willing to trade. You can mail him on:

Finn Sorenson

Elly Wille, is a starting Dutch floatpen collector. She lives in Zeeland. She's working on her collection very hard and she builded a nice homepage, you really must see! She also tries to get dupplicate floatpens and she is willing to trade. You can visit her homepage on:

Elly Wille

Petra Goossens lives in Belgium. Just as all the others mentioned above, she collects floatpens. She likes trading pens with other collectors. She has no homepage, but you can mail her bij clicking on her name her below. She really likes to mail about floatpens and trading floatpens.

Petra Goossens

Biggy Kuhn, a Germany floatpencollector, also builded her own homepage about floaties. If you are willing to visit her site or trade with her, click here.

Biggy Kuhn

Barbara Ankoné is Dutch. She made a very nice homepage that gives a view of the floaty items she likes most and maybe for you the most important, there also is a list of her duplicate floatpens. Don't miss it. Just click on her name here below.

Barbara Ankoné

Barbara Smids is also a Dutch collector who is willing to trade pens. She is working on a homepage for her pens. You can keep in touch with her by clicking on her name here below.

Barbara Smids

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