A          = Classic Twist Pen Big

AA      = Classic Twist Pen Small

B         = Twist and Click Pen

C         = Click-Top Pen

D         = Classic Twist Pen Small

*          = Caption

If not mentioned otherwise, all pens are made by Eskesen of Denmark.


*Australia. Float: kangoo. Background: desert with kangoo. A.

*Coolana Angus Ready to serve. tel: +61 353 505531 mob: 0428 59 39 13 email: mgubbins@ansonic.com.au. Float: bull. Foreground: trees. background:meadow with cow. B.

*Star City Sidney. Float: playing cards, dice, money. Background: gambling hall. B.


*Cape Breton Island, N.S. A Brush with Beatiful Memories. Baddeck; Cabot Trail, Fortress of Louisbourgh, Miners-Museum, Glace Bay.

*Edmonton Oilers c NHL. Float: sign with "Oilers" on it. Foreground: 2 hockeyplayers. background: hockeygame. In spacial package of the LNH. A.

*Fortress of / Fortresse de Louisbourg. Float: soldiers in old costume. Foreground: gun. Background: meadow + fortress. B.

*Lobster is King Nova Scotia. Float: lobster. Background: cottages, lighthouse, sea with fisherboat. B.

*Niagara Falls Canada. Float: boat. Background: Niagara Falls with bridge. A.

*Montreal Canadiens c NHL. Float: sign with "CH"on it. Foreground: 2 hockeyplayers. background: hockeygame. In special package of the LNH. A.

*Niagara Falls Canada. Float: boat. Background: Niagara Falls. A.

*Maligne Lake. Jasper National Park, Canada. Float: boat. Background: lake, mountains, trees, Maple Leaf. B

*Quebec.Oc. Float: carriage. Background: 2 castles. B.

*The Butchart Garden. Victoria Canada. Float: 4 tourists. Foreground: buildings. Background: garden. A.

*Toronto Canada. Float: elevator. Background: tower. B.

*3 Valley Gap Chateau - Restaurant - Ghost Town British Columbia Canada. Float: Golddigger with mule. Background: old train, hotel, lake, mountains. A.

*Vancouver British Columbia. Float: Mounty Police. Background: Mounties and mountains. A.

*Vancouver British Columbia land of the totems. Float: Indians in canoe. Background: Indian village with torems. A.


*Curacao In the Caribbean. Float: ship. background: harbour of Willemstad. A.


* Mysteries of Egypt. Float: old Egyptian boat. Foreground: sign. background: river with 3 boats. A.


*Greenland Kalaallit Nunaat. Float: man, dogs, sledge. Bachground: woman with child onsledge, village in snowlandscape. A.


*Hong Kong. Float: ship. Background: river + buildings. A.

*Hong Kong. (Keyringpen).Float: birds. Background: man and woman looking at Buddha statue. No Eskesen.


*East Japan train collection. Float: train. Background: landscape with bird, flowers, a hat, ship, woman. B.


*Welcome to Korea. Float: woman + baby. Foreground: man playing the flute. Background: house + trees. B.


*Fullers Bay of Islands. Award winning tours and cruises www.fullers-bau-of-islands.co.nz  info@boi.co.nz  Tel. 0800 653 339 New Zealand. Float: ship. Foreground: rock, background: sea with rocks. B.

*New Zealand. Float: kiwi pecks among rocks for food. Background: river, mountains, tropical setting. B.

*New Zealand sheep farming. Float: 2 sheep. Background: shepperd with dog, flock, dog and mountains. B.


*Changi Airport. Singapore. Float: airplane. Foreground: airporttower. Background: airport + airplane. B.

*Chinese Garden - Singapore. Float: boat. Background: Chinese Garden. A.

*None. Float: airplane with sign: Singapore. Background: Singapore. A.


*109th Airlift Wing New York Air National Guard, Scotia, NY 12302. Float: airplane. Background: snowlandscape with building. B.

*Alamo, The. Float: gun. background: fort, soldiers, gun. A.

*Alaska. Float: polarbear. Foreground: seal. background: icelandscape. A.

*Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary Swimteam. Float: 2 swimming fugitive prisoners, swimming away from shark. Background: river, prison, skyline of the city and bridge. A.

*Aloha Hawaii. Float: pineapple mascot with sunglasess and ukulele. Background: landscape with palmtrees and 3 mountains. A.

*Alternative mortgage sources 415.861.5708 www.altmortg.com. Float: furniture van and text: we haul + people + package. Background: stret with house. A.

*Atlanta. Float: airplane. Background: various buildings. A.

*Baltimore, Maryland. Float: sailingvessel. Background: city. A.

*Beverly Hills (Toothbrush). Float: car. Foreground: sign: Rodeo Dr. 200 N. + palmtrees. background: houses + trees. E.

*The Big Apple. New York. Float: apple with text in it: New York. Foreground: buildings of New York. Background: skyscrapper + King Kong. A.

*Boston. Float: boat with people and swan. Background: park and buildings. A.

*Boston Tea Party Ship december 16, 1773. Float: 2 boxes with tea in it. Foreground: sailingvessel + boxes with tea in it. background: bottom of the sea. A.

*Broadway New York. Float: comedy and tragedy masks. Background: Broadway theatres, dancing figures. A.

*California. Float: truck with tree on it. Background: sea. A.

*California.Float: surfer. Foreground: man on beach + woman on beach. Background: beach. A.

*Cactus Country Arizona cTP191. Float: 3 cowboys on horses. Background: cowboys on horses in desert, saguaro cactus. A.

*Catch the wave (+ text on barrel: Hoag Hospital). Float: surfer. Background: sea with waves. A.

*Chattanooga backery, Inc. www.moonpie.com. Float: 2 cakes. Background: heaven with stars and text: reach for the moon! A.

*Chicago ... my kind of town! Float: boat. Background: buildings in Chicago at twilight. A.

*Chicago ... the windy city. Float: man with inside-out umbrella, papers, people, cars, Chicago skyline. A.

*Chili's Like No Place Else. Float: family in convertible. Background: cow, school, mountain, Chili's restaurant. B.

*Cincinnati. (Lighter). Float: riverboat. Background: river and city.

*Colorado. Float: skier. Background: snowlandscape with skier. A.

*Colorado. Float: cowboy on horseback ropes cow. Background: 3 cows, desert, mountains. A.

*Conclave 2003, Washington, DC. 'A Capital Experlenae'. Float: car. Background: Washington with Capitol. Forgeground: 2 cars. A.

*Cruise Hawaii. Float: ship. Background: island with vulcano, ocean. A.

Dallas - FT. Worth International Airport. Float: airplane. Foreground: sign with "Welcome to Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport". Background: airport. A.

*The duquesne incline Pittsburg. Float: incline. Foreground: gate. background: track. A.

*Earning Your Presidential Kneepads. FLoat: Monica Lewinski on her knees. Foreground: door. Background: President Clinton sitting in his office. A.

*Empire State Building New York City. Float: Gorilla climbing the Empire State Building. Background: Empire State Building. A.

*Florida. Float: flamingo. Foreground: stork. Background: river, trees and flying stork. A.

*Florida. Float: seacow. Background: seacow, sea, plants. A.

*The Florida Aquarium. Float: shark. Foreground: starfishes and plants. Background: seabottom with plants, starfishes and other kind of fish. A.

*Fort Monroe Casemate Museum. Float: ship (submarine?). Background: museum. Foreground: ship. B.

*Fort Ward Museum and Historic Site Alexandria, VA. Float: soldiers marching. Foreground: gate and house. Background: walls of the fort. A.

*Gateway Clipper Fleet Pittsburgh,PA. Float: boat. Background: view on the city. B.

*Geico direct. FLoat: racing car. background: blue. B.

*Golden Gate Bridge San Fransisco. Float: sportscar with woman in it. Background: river, Golden Gate Bridge, city. A.

*Good Year. (Metal pencil)Float: 4 motor-tires of Good year. Clear barrel.  Progressive Products Inc. Union. N.J.  U.S.A.

*Graceland. Float: convertible. Foreground: 2 trees. Background: the building of Graceland. A.

*Great Seattle Fire 1889, The. Float: horse-drawn fire engine. Background: burning buildings, firemen. A.

*Great Smoky Mountains. Float: bear. Foreground: cottage + trees. Background: mountains, haze. A.

*The Great Storm. America's Worst Natural Disaster. Galveston Island, Texas September 8, 1900. Float: part of a house. Background: ruins. A.

*GSA CHILD CARE A beacon of Excellence www.gsa.gov/childcare. Float: 2 sailingvessels. Foreground: lighthouse. Background: sea, 2 sailingvessels, 2 lighthouses. B.

*GUAM.U.S.A. Float: 4 people in a canoe. Background: river, palmtrees. A.

*Hawaii. Float: 3 girls hula dancing. Background: palmtrees, beach, sea. A.

*Hawaii. Float: 2 sailing-vessels. Background: sailing-vessels, ocean, mountains, hotel. A.

*Hawaii. Float: outrigger canoe with 5 people. Background: people, canoe, ocean, beach. trees. A.

*Hernry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village Dearborn, Michigan. Float: oldtimer car. Background: old timer car, houses.

*History of America. Set of 6 Eskesen pens in cellophane box. A:

- The Mayflower. Float: ship The Mayflower. Foreground: Indians. Background: beach and sea.  

- George Washington crossing the Delaware. Float: boat with in it: George Washington and other man, flag. Background: river with boats and mountains.

- The Civil War. Float: 2 running soldiers. Foreground: soldier carrieing a wounded soldier, gunman with gun. Background: battlefield.

- Wagons Westward. Float: wagon with 2 horses. Foreground: Indian. Background: plains.

- America gets motorised! Float: car. Foreground: 2 geese + farmkart. Background: farmhouse.

- The first American on the moon. Float: man, walking on the moon. Foreground: mountains ans speceship. Background: planet.

*Hollywood Los Angeles-California. Float: old airplane with sign "Hollywood" behind it. Foreground: trees. Background: trees + mountain with "Hollywood" on it. A.

*I love New York! Float: car. Foreground: people. Background: view on a street with theaters and shops. A.

*I (love) Oregon. Float: sportscar with woman in it. Background: sea, palmtrees. A.

*Indianapolis Indiana. Float: racingcar. Foreground: racingcar + man with flags. Background: racingcircuit. A.

*Jelly Belly. Float: man + 3 fishes + text: Jelly Belly. Clear barrel. No Eskesen.

*Kennedy Space Center. Float: spaceshuttle. Background: launching-gear. A.

*Kingston Trolley Museum New York. Float: trolley. Foreground: people. Background: museum building. A.

*Las Vegas. Float: flying sourcer. Foreground: 2 science fiction figures. Background: light + red background. A.

*L2K Lindenfeld Family Reunion Benton Harbor, Michican July 11-2,200. Float: heads of 4 men. Background: sea, houses, trees. A.

*The Lincoln Museum Fort Wayne, Indiana. Float: hat. Background: Lincoln. Foreground: text: "With malice toward none; with charity for all...". B.

*The Lyceum Alexandria's History Museum www.alexandriahistory.org. Float: train. Foreground: trees. Background: building+ landscape. B.

*The Lyceum Alexandria's History Museum www.alexandriahistory.org. Float: ship. Foreground: ship + sailingvessel. Background: sailingvessel, harbour, city. B.

*MAGMA www.magma-da.com. Float: lava + word 'magma'. Background: volcano. B.

*Maryland. Float: 3 crabs. Foreground: man + ship. Background: houses, quai and sea. A.

*Maui Ocean Center the Hawaiian Aquarium. Float: fish. Background: bottom of the sea, fishes. B.

*Members Oklahoma Cow Tripping Association. Float: cow. Foreground: 1 cow + a  man milking a cow. Background: meadow + trees. A.

*The Memphis Belle Mud Island Memphis, Tennessee. (Keyring). Float: old war airoplane. Foreground: plane. Background: plane + chrashed planes. Eskesen.

*Mesker Park Zoo Evansville, Indiana. Float: giraffe. Foreground: 2 giraffes. Background: woods and giraffes. A.

*Microsoft Windows ME Millennium Edition. Float: Microsoft vignette. Clear barrel. No Eskesen.

*Minesota land of 10.000 lakes. Float: 2 ducks. Background: lake with landscape. A.

*Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. "It's a beautifull day in this neighborhood". Float: tramwaycar. Background: castle, tree with house in it, watch and other buildings. A.

*Museum of the Rockies Bozeman, Montana. Float: dinosaur. background: lake with dinosaur. A.

*Nashville, Tennesee. Float: steamboat. Background: Nasville skyline. A.

*National Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Institution. First sustaind aerial fliht made by Rozier and d'Arlandes in Montgolfier balloon, Nov.11.1783. Float: hotair balloon with man and woman in basket. Background: sky. A.

*Navy Pier Chicago, Illinois. Float: 2 children on funfair horses. Background: sea and beach with funfair. A.

*New England Air Museum Windsor Locks, Connecticut (sign: Gee Bee R 1 Racer). Float: airplane. Background: clouds, landscape with village and mountains. A.

*New Mexico historic route 66. Float: Corvette. background: sign "66", Drive-In. A.

*New Orleans Louisiana. Float: train. Forgeground: bush. Background: park with 3 buildings. A.

*New York. Float: double dekker bus. Foreground: Liberty Statue + family. Background: view on New York. A.

*New York. Float: underground train. Foreground: passengers. background: undergroundstation. A.

*New York. (Lighter). Float: helicopter. Background: Statue of Liberty, New York sky line. A.

*New York central park. Float: carriage with people in it. Foreground: man on horseback and 2 people on bicycle. Background: Central Park + buildings of New York. A.

*New York City ... the big apple. Float: circle line. Background: skyline New York. A.

*Niagara falls New York. Float: rainbow. Background: Niagara Falls. A.

*North Corolina. (Lighter). Float: red Cardinal bird. Background: Red cardinal bird, house, garden.

*North Carolina Aquariums. Float: shark. Background: plants below the sealevel and seahorse. A.

*Nyanza Africa's Inland Sea. Nwe England Aquarium. Float: marine animal. Background: bottom of the sea, various marine animals. B.

*Omak Washington. Float: 5 riders on horseback. Background: trees, mountains. A.

*Pearl Harbor Hawaii (decal on barrel). F-14 Tomcat (caption). Float: US Army fighter plane. Background: 2 fighter planes, U.S.S. Kitty Hawk. A.

*Pennsylvania Amish Country. Float: cow. Background: carriage, meadow with cows. B.

*Pittsburgh. Float: glitter. Clearbarrel with text 'Pittsburgh'. A.

Ray Stevens Theatre Branson, Missouri. (Keyring). Float: man + shield. Background: theatre + mountain. E.

*Redwood Highway California. Float: bear. Background: forest. A.

*Route 66. The American Legend. Float: oldtimer car. Background: roadmap route 66. A.

*Roy Rogers and Trigger. Float Roy Rogers and horse Trigger. Background: Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum, tree, statue Trigger. A.

*San Diego. Float: 2 sailboats. Foreground: 2 sailboats. background: sea + townscape and mountains. A (digital).

*Ski Utah. Float: caablecar with 2 skier. Background: skier going down mountain, building. A.

*Smithsonian Institution National air & space Museum. Float: spaceship. Background: universe, planets. A.

*Solvang - California Danish capital of America. Float: old train. background: street with various buildings. A.

Solvang Danish capital of America made in denmark. Float: 2 dancing couples in costume. Foreground: 3 people in costume. Background: mill and farmhouse. A.

*Southern California. Float: car with a family in it. Foreground: signs L.A. Airport + Hollywood. Background: 3 pictures: Six Flags Magic Mountain - Disneyland - Universal Studios. A.

*State of Liberty. Float: ship. Background: skyline of New York. A.

*Story Book Forest Idlewild Soak Zone. Float: Snowwhite and the 7 Dwarfs. Background: home of the dwarfs in the forest. B.

*Target. Float: man pushing a machine. Background: oilcan, fields, woods. A.

*Texas. Float: broncorider on white bull. Background: rodeo with people, bulls, cowboys. A.

*Texas. Float: red stagecoach. Background: desert. A.

*Texas. Float: oil floating up and out of oil well. Foreground: people. Background: oil towers + Texas flag. A.

*Transportation, Inc. Float: ship. Background: truch, airplane, map of the USA, sea, Europe. B.

*22nd bi-annual American Pencil Collectors Society June 19-21 2005 Mankato, MN. Float: hand with pen in it. Foreground: sign with on it: greater MANKATO a little Twin Cities. A lot Minnesota. Background: text: Welcome to. A. Design: Finn Sorensen.

*Underground tours. Historic Seattle. Float: rat chasing man and woman, underground. A.

*United Airlines. Float: airplane. Background: building, airplane, clouds. B.

*The United States Capitol Washington D.C. Float: eagle. Foreground: flag. Background: Capitol + park. A.

*Volcano Hawaii. Float: 4 people running away from erupting vulcano. Background: erupting vulcano, tree. A.

*Waikiki Beach Hawaii world's most famous. Float: 3 girls in bikini. Bachground: beach with palmtrees, hotels, sea. A.

*The White House Washington D.C. Float: sign. Foreground: flowers and eagle. Background: White House. A.

Winchester Mystery House San Jose. California. Float: 3 rifles. Background: house + trees. A.

*Wyoming Territorial Park Laramie, Wyoming. Float: mailcoach. Background: horse, 2 cow boys, old Wild West town. A.

*Ye olde curiosity shop. Sylvester the desert mummy. Seattle. Float: mummy Sylvester. Background: desert. A.

*The Zoo Oklahoma City. FLoat: glitter. Clear barrel.

*Ruby Montana's Seattle. Float: Ruby on pony. Background: desert, oasis, flamengos. A.

*Runnin'in the sun Arizona. Float: bird. Foreground: cactus, fox. Background: desert. A.

*San Francisco. Float: tramwaycar. Background: street on San Francisco. A.

*San Francisco Cable Car Powell at Marketstreet. Float: cable car. Background: Marketstreet San Francisco. A.

*San Francisco the crookedest street in the world. Float: 2 cars. Background: crooked street. A.

*Sea . Air . Space museum U.S.S. intrepid. Float: ship. Background: river + skyline. A.

*Sea World. Float: 2 orka's. Background: people looking at the orka's. A.

*Sears Tower 1454 ft. Chicago Illinois. Float: helicopter. Background: Sears Tower. A.

*Seattles best coffee. Float: steam. Background: coffeecup, beans, SBC logo. B.

*Seattle, Washington. Float: ship. Background: river, ship, skyline. A.

*Seattle, Washington. A scenic adventure. Float: ship. Foreground: dolphin. Background: river, buildings, mountain. B.

*Sept.11/2001 . we shall never forget!. Float: American eagle. background: New York skyline with World Trade Towers, Statue of Liberty and "God bless the USA". A.

*Skagway Alaska. Float: old train. Background: houses, mountains. A.

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